Tomás and the Library Lady

Tomás loves stories! Papa Grande tells them to him todas las noches but soon Tomás knows all of them by heart. One day while his family is in Iowa picking crops, Tomás meets the Library Lady and nothing is ever the same again. Based on the true story of Tomás Rivera and the book by Pat Mora, this play is a celebration of reading, imagination and creativity.


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Extend It!

Different things engage different people. Explore what is exciting to you!


Spanish Dictionary: Familarize yourself with the Spanish in the play and continue learning! https://www.enchantedlearning.com/Spanish/


Billingual Story Time: Identify your local library and find information on their bilingual story time programs to hear books and do activities in English and Spanish (use the calendar to find specific dates/times).


Make Yummy Paletas: When Tomás is moving with his family it's hot and sticky. Tomás daydreams about eating or drinking something cold. Cool off by making these tasty paletas!


Spanish Games for Kids of All Ages: These Spanish games for kids act as fun ways to learn about colors, parts of the body, numbers, days of the week, feelings, and much more “en Espanol!”


Discover Author Pat Mora: Pat Mora wrote the book Tomas and the Library Lady. She has a great website with activities about this story and information about all of her books.



Resource Guide Activity Pages


Create It!: Use the map to create a route from Texas to Iowa. You choose how they get from one place to another - what states will they go through? What will they see on the way? Link to map.


Read About It!: Download the booklist for Tomás and the Library Lady.