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The Museum offers a limited number of scholarships for children to participate in our Kids at Art classes.  These are need based scholarships.  Please complete the following application to be considered for a scholarship.
Please return scholarship application at least one week before the start of the class to allow the committee time to review the application and make the reward.  One application per child per year is allowed.  Scholarships are awarded on a first come first serve basis to any family who expresses need.  We believe all children should have access to the arts.

Each year Childsplay has a certain number of scholarships we can offer for theatre classes offered in our Academy.

Our desire to is make the arts accesible for students who would otherwise not have the oppurtunity. 

Childsplay values equity, diversity, and inclusion throughout our organization, programs and audiences. We are committed to giving underrepresented artists a safe space to create art and community. By welcoming people with differences in religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, class, gender identity, ability, and age we are better able to celebrate that which brings humankind together: imagination and wonder.


Scholarships for classes starting January-May are now open

Scholarships for Summer 2024 will open on April 1st

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Questions? Contact our academy manager: Brianna Fallon