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I Have a Story: Plays from an Extraordinary Year


Now a published anthology!


What an achievement. We would like to congratulate all of the young people selected to be a part of this project.
31 youngstorytellers and playwrights
8 storytellers from AZ and 1 Arizona-based playwright
18 states represented

Including award-winning playwrights such as Idris Goodwin, Suzan Zeder, Allison Gregory, José Cruz González, José Casas, Caleen Jennings, Eric Coble and more.

Young Storytellers & TYA Playwrights: 

  • Phoebe Anderson & Tom Arvetis - "One Barrel at a Time" (Phoenix, AZ)
  • Eden Burnett & Max Bush - “Yearbook 2020” (Phoenix, AZ)
  • Samantha Chuck & John Glore - “Tap Dance”  (Chandler, AZ)
  • Aditi Ganesh & Suzan Zeder - “Whoosh!” (Chandler)
  • Salme Stein-Kokin & Sandra Fenichel Asher - “Climbing the COVID Wall” (Phoenix, AZ)
  • Alexis Wiley & Jonathan Graham - “Out of the Ordinary” (Tucson, AZ)
  • Nathaniel Wiley & Eric Pfeffinger - “First Nether” (Tucson, AZ)



  • Braulio Arquilla & Maybelle Reynoso - "The Scariest Movie"
  • Sonii Bora & Barry Kornhauser - "An All-American Monologue Through Asian Monolids"
  • Abby Bosarge & Tanya Hays - "Galveston"
  • River Bratton & Brian Guehring - "Jesse The Great's Guide to Surviving a Depressing Pandemic"
  • Anka Chiorini & James Still - "Four Horseman and a Funderal (a eulogy in less than ten minutes"
  • Jaren Davis & Reginald André Jackson - "The Great Zoom Battle for 6th Grade"
  • Jonah Dean & Gabriel Jason Dean - "Jonah Pedals out of the Whale"
  • Hanna Dziadurski & Lee Cataluna - "Riding the Waves"
  • Sofia Gomez & Ramon Esquivel - "The Right Kind of Noise"
  • Taos Goodwin & Idris Goodwin - "Dear Future 7-Year-Olds Who Will Be Surviving a Pandemic"
  • Anaysa Gradillo-Hoover & José Cruz González - "ChickaWow"
  • Makenzie Greer & Gloria Bond Clunie - "A Good Day for Jordan"
  • Kira Hopgood & Eric Coble - "Big Changes"
  • Amari Howard & Caleen Sinnette Jennings - "Out of the Box"
  • Ella Kohring & Dwayne Hartford - "W.W.H.G.D?"
  • Isabella Marie Lucas & Silvia Gonzalez S. - "Isabella"
  • Madisyn Marchetti & Anne Negri - "Stay Peculiar"
  • Alexis Muturi & Shay Youngblood - "Picture Me Better"
  • William Page-Dale & John Dilworth Newman - "The Caged Bird"
  • Augosto Rios & Alvaro Saar Rios - "Pandemic Kickball"
  • José Joaquin Salazar & José Casas - "You're the Reason"
  • Genevieve Schroeder-Arce & Roxanne Schroeder-Arce - "Closure"
  • Amity Warren & Julie Jenson - "Falcon's Fury"
  • Danger Zeiler & Allison Gregory - "What in this World"


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Meet the editors behind the project. 


 Jenny Millinger   Julia Hogan Laurenson 


Jenny Millinger is the Artistic Director of Write Now and the Associate Artistic Director at Childsplay theatre company, where she runs the David P. Saar New Plays Program. She is proud to have served as a dramaturge for more than a dozen TYA world premieres including The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, The Sun Serpent, Girls Who Wear Glasses, and Selena Maria Sings. She has written two musicals (The Three Javelinas and A Very Hairy Javelina Holiday) and a devised, non-verbal play (Seen) for Childsplay. Her next play will premiere at Magik Theatre in 2022. In addition to her work as a director, dramaturge and playwright, Millinger is the project director for EYEPlay, an evidence-based professional development program providing preschool teachers with the skills to integrate creative drama with pre-literacy and language development. She is a board member of the Childrens Theatre Foundation of America.

Julia Hogan Laurenson is an arts administrator and educator, dramaturge, director, and deviser. She is the Executive Director for Seesaw Theatre as well as the former Production Manager and and former Conference and Engagement Director, most notably producing Seesaw’s Fourth Annual Inclusive Theatre Festival, a weekend-long conference dedicated to accessibility and inclusion in theatre in 2019. She is one of Imagine U’s two Education and Engagement Directors for the 2021-22 season. Julia has extensive experience creating and performing multi-sensory, immersive theatre for autistic and otherwise disabled children (K-8) and babies (4-18 months). Her recent dramaturgy credits include The Battlefields of Clara Barton and Without Wings (an Imagine U and PLAYground Festival of Fresh Works collaboration). Julia has had the honor of working as an intern with Childsplay and Honolulu Theatre for Youth. Julia is a Senior Theatre and History Double Major with Modules in Theatre for Young Audiences and Children & Communication at Northwestern University.


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