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Eddie and Vinnie

By Jenny Millinger

Ages 5+

Location: Community and School Performances

At its heart, Eddie and Vinnie is a buddy comedy about Eddie, a boy with dyslexia, and his best friend/sidekick, a wise-cracking gecko named Vinnie. Eddie is a skilled artist, but struggles with schoolwork. When facing the possibility of attending summer school if he can't get his grades up, Eddie teams with the overly helpful new girl in class to write their end-of-the-year report. It seems like Vinnie is always there to distract him…or is she challenging Eddie to lean into his uniquely beautiful mind? Through their journey, students will discover the importance of empathy, understanding, and recognizing each individual's diverse strengths.

Designed to resonate with educators and students, this play raises awareness about dyslexia, which affects one in five people. By showcasing the unique strengths and qualities of individuals with dyslexia, Eddie & Vinnie dispels misconceptions, reduces stigma, and encourages meaningful conversations about the topic.

With its relatable characters and powerful message, Eddie & Vinnie is an excellent addition to any school's educational programming. Your students will want to experience this comedy that celebrates the power of creativity and imagination!


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