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Drama Frames Professional Development for Teachers

Free Professional Development for K-2 Educators in Spring 2024! 


Experience the Joy of Drama-Integrated Learning in Your Classroom


Funded by a generous grant from the Arizona Governor's Office of Grants and Federal Projects, Childsplay Theatre offers Drama Frames Professional Development Program at no cost for 15 K-2 teachers in Maricopa County in Spring 2024. It's an exceptional opportunity to integrate drama into your curriculum, enhancing student engagement and learning.


About Drama Frames


Drama Frames is an innovative, research-backed, job-embedded professional development program. Educators learn drama-based strategies to incorporate into everyday classroom applications. Developed in 2006 with a Department of Education grant, hundreds of Arizona educators have participated in Drama Frames. Learn more about the history of Childsplay Professional Development and supporting research at

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Program Benefits

  • Expert Collaboration: Work one-on-one with professional theatre-teaching artists to implement drama-based teaching strategies.
  • Professional Growth: Expand your teaching toolkit with creative strategies that you can adapt to various learning objectives and earn 30 hours of Professional Development.
  • Improved Student Engagement: Watch your students become more involved and enthusiastic about learning as you implement dynamic drama techniques.
  • Materials and Resources: Receive program materials, including access to a Drama-based Lesson Plan Database, program materials, and instructional tools like puppets, manipulatives, and books.
  • Stipend for Participation: To acknowledge your commitment outside regular teaching hours and participation in research activities, participants receive a $550 stipend.

Program Commitment

The Drama Frames program is designed to integrate into your existing schedule, with many components and flexible scheduling. Participants in the Drama Frames program commit to:

  • Engaging in 30 hours of Drama Frames Professional Development during the Spring 2024 semester (10 during classroom time, 10 hours of group learning, and 10 hours one-on-one with a teaching artist with flexible scheduling) 
  • Learn and apply three specific drama strategies in your ELA lessons.
  • Conduct nine drama-integrated lessons within your classroom. 
  • Attend four group training sessions for collaboration and shared learning.
  • Participate in planning and reflection sessions with teaching artists.
  • Complete tasks in support of the research (pre & post surveys, focus group, and frequency of drama usage check-ins)


APPLY TODAY (Applications Close DEC 20)

Participation is limited to 15 classrooms, and the program begins in early February and runs through mid-May. (link to possible calendar)


Take advantage of this valuable and transformative professional development opportunity. 






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