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Eddie & Vinnie Resource Guide!

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At its heart, Eddie and Vinnie is a buddy comedy about Eddie, a boy with dyslexia, and his best friend/sidekick, a wise-cracking gecko named Vinnie. Eddie is a skilled artist, but struggles with schoolwork. When facing the possibility of attending summer school if he can't get his grades up, Eddie teams with the overly helpful new girl in class to write their end-of-the-year report. It seems like Vinnie is always there to distract him…or is she challenging Eddie to lean into his uniquely beautiful mind? Through their journey, students will discover the importance of empathy, understanding, and recognizing each individual's diverse strengths.



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Different things engage different people. Explore what is exciting to you!


Artificial Gecko Skin: The stickiest non-sticky substance finds lots of other real world uses- see how science and engineering makes use of Articificial Gecko Skin!


Learn More about MC Escher: Like Eddie, Pen and Vinnie you can discover more about this innovative artist!


MC ESCHER Official Website

MC Esher Page on


Discover More About Dyslexia: Explore more about the Dyslexic brain, its strengths, and strategies for supporting reading!




Additional Downloadable Resources for Eddie and Vinnie.


Read About It- Check out this list of books connected to the ideas and themes of the play. 

Create ItTemplate for Lizard Bookmark Craft located in the resource guide. 

Share ItAsset Mapping activity template from the resource guide.