Invisible Improv

Improvisation in places you wouldn’t expect!


This invisible theatre style class will send students on missions to perform improv pieces that are integrated into places on the school campus, rather than performed on a stage with an audience. Improvisation is used to infuse fun and whimsy into the school day. The class will co-create missions tailored to spaces or routines that happen in the world around them. Beyond skill-building for the artists, the purpose of the missions is to delight bystanders and call attention to interesting elements in everyday life.


This class will focus on developing the following skills: acting/movement/improve basics, teamwork, quick-thinking, staying in character, problem solving, adaptability, focus, timing, responsibility, reliability, risk-taking, and leadership.


Our vision is that this program will give students the skills and the agency to see opportunity for performance within the environment around them. We hope that awareness of invisible improve will spark interest in other students, and lead to an infusion of this program into the school culture. 


Included: Twice weekly classes


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