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In-School Performance FAQ

Contact: or 480-921-5759


What is an in-school performance?


Each season, Childsplay presents productions that travel to schools across the entire state! These plays can be performed in schools, libraries, community centers and other indoor spaces. It is not necessary to have a stage, lighting instruments, or other theatrical requirements.


What plays are currently available to come to our school?

In the 2023-24 season, we will be touring Eddie and Vinnie and Eric and Elliot.  


How much does a school tour cost?


Day Time Shows

Within Maricopa County: $660, 2 shows - $1150, or 3 shows $1,425. Outside Maricopa County: 1 show $790, 2 shows $1,380, or 3 shows $2,000.

Evening or Weekend Shows (after 5 pm): $150 additional.

Please note: If an overnight stay or additional travel is required, there will be additional charges.


Discounts available for schools within Tempe City Limits (courtesy of Tempe Municipal Arts Commission) and schools in Mesa Unified School District.


When is the payment due?


Payment or Purchase Order must be paid no later that the day of the performance. Payments and PO’s should be mailed to our business office at 900 S. Mitchell Dr., Tempe, AZ 85821.


Will I be contacted before the scheduled performance?


Our Associate Production Manager will contact you the week prior to the performance to confirm the date and time and to work out any additional details. A member of the cast will call a day or two prior to the performance as a final check in.


Do you offer grants?


The following agencies and organizations offer grants and financial assistance for arts programs.


Arizona Commission on the Arts

Wells Fargo Teacher Partnership Program

Glendale Arts Commission

Tucson Pima Arts Council

Educational Enrichment Foundation, Tucson


How can I raise money to get an in-school performance at my school?


Many schools and districts have "social issue" funds that can be accessed to pay for Childsplay performances. Childsplay's productions often address a variety of issues (e.g., self-esteem, bullying, creative problem-solving, cooperation) and much of the material is interdisciplinary and cross-curriculum. Tax credit money can often be used since Childsplay is a nonprofit organization. Consider applying for a grant (if there is time) or ask a local business to adopt your school for a performance.


Can I use a performance as a fundraiser for my school?


Yes, many schools have successfully used a Childsplay production as a fundraiser for the PTA/PTO. We charge the school a flat fee for the performance, and you may sell tickets to the performance to raise funds. You might consider adding a bake sale, dinner or refreshments.


What age groups are Childsplay productions appropriate for?


Most shows are appropriate for a wide age range from Kindergarten through 6th grade and up to middle and high school, in some cases. For specific information about this season's offerings, check here.


Are the shows educational?


Yes, resource guides are available for all performances and will be sent to you about 6 weeks prior to the performance. This guide lists ways in which the production can help to fulfill the Arizona Arts Standards.


How long does a performance last?


Our performances last one hour including a question and answer session.


How many performances can you do in one day?


Each touring company can do three performances a day.


How large is the cast?


The company usually consists of one actor and sometimes a stage manager or technician.


How many students are allowed to watch a performance?


We request that no more than 300 people total (students, staff, etc.) attend any one performance. Our sound system is only designed to allow this number of people to hear adequately. If you will have more than 300 people you will be asked to book a second performance at the discounted rate. If you have more than 300 people on the day of the performance you will be billed for the extra show.


How long does it take to set up and break down the show?


The company needs one hour to set up for the performance and up to an hour to break down the set at the end of the day.


How much reset time is needed if the cast is doing more than one performance at a school?


The company needs 20 minutes to reset if they will be doing two performances back-to-back at your school and then they must have a lunch break. After the lunch break a 30-minute reset time is needed for the next performance. If our cast is doing an evening performance an hour reset time is needed.


Is a stage required?


A stage is not required. We can perform in a cafeteria, gymnasium, multipurpose room or auditorium. However, all of our performances must have a performance area no less than 25 feet by 25 feet with a minimum 11-foot ceiling height.


Will you perform outdoors?


No, we only do indoor performances.


What kind of equipment is needed for a show?


We bring our own sound equipment. We only require access to electrical power for our equipment. We also request nearby parking for our van and a closed dressing area for the actors to change into costume.


Can we take photographs or videotape the performance?


We don't allow photographs to be taken during performances because it may distract the actors. However, if time permits the actors may allow you to take a picture with them after the performance. Videotaping is strictly prohibited due to copyright infringements.