For Schools

The Diary of Anne Frank

By Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett, newly adapted by Wendy Kesselman

Recommended for 6th- 8th

Field Trip: Weekdays, September 11- September 27

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday- 10:00 am

Runtime: 120 minutes (about 2 hours), including talkback.

Location: Herberger Theatre Center

Price: $15 per ticket, Field Trip Plus- $18

The Diary of Anne Frank is a powerful true story, adapted for the stage, recounting the experiences of Anne Frank, a Jewish teenager, and seven others in hiding during the HolocaustSet in the Secret Annex of an Amsterdam office building, this play reveals the courage, resilience, and day-to-day realities of its occupants, seen through the eyes of young Anne.  Experience Anne's transition from girlhood to maturity, her blossoming friendship with Peter, and the heartrending conclusion when their refuge is discovered.  Exploring themes of identity, resilience, and hope under harrowing circumstances, this profoundly moving play illustrates the endurance of the human spirit and serves a a poignant reminder to stand up against the horrors of genocide.


 Post-Show Q&A with Holocaust Survivor:


Every field trip performance features and extended Q&A with the performers and Holocaust survivor Dirk Van Leenen.  Award-winning author and Holocaust survivor, Dirk Van Leenen is an active speaker and writer. He has penned 3 books about his experience during WWII since surviving the Holocaust in the Netherlands at a young age, particularly in the Nazi resistance led by his parents. (Mr. Van Leenen's appearance arranged with support from The Phoenix Holocaust Association).



Comments from Teachers about the Show:


I saw my students completely entranced by the play as the characters we read about were brought to life. It was shocking and more real than reading the story in class.”


“My students were very engaged throughout, I could tell they felt for Anne and everyone in the annex.”


 "I heard my students talking about what was happening and anticipating seeing different pivotal parts. It allowed some of our students who struggle more with reading see the play come to life and I think get more out of the story than just reading it.



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“The Diary of Anne Frank (Adaptation by Wendy Kesselman)” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Samuel French, Inc.


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