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Eric and Elliot

By Dwayne Hartford

Grades 6-12

School Tour: February 5- March 7th, 2024

No Friday Performances



Eric and Elliot is the story of a family’s search for healing following a devastating tragedy. Eric and Elliot are brothers. Eric is around 10 years old. Elliot is in his early teens. The two set out on a journey seeking help for their mother who has spiraled into a debilitating depression. Along the way the boys get lost. They encounter others who encourage the boys to try different paths in order to find their way. Eventually the brothers discover that it is only by facing their own pasts and the tragic events of a particular day the previous summer that they will find help for their mother – and for themselves.


The words depression and suicide are never spoken in Eric and Elliot. The suicide referenced in the play is not shown; the story is about the family left behind. Told with a mix of gentle humor, fantasy, and metaphor, Eric and Elliot offers hope for those affected and encourages alternatives to a permanent solutions for temporary problems.  


Questions? We would love to speak with you and school stakeholders about bringing this production to your school or community at no cost. Please contact Director of Education and School Programs, Katie Brantley at or 480-921-5745.


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We thought the actors did a wonderful job during the production and sharing their thought after the production. The counselors stayed to speak with a couple of students. The students really appreciated having someone to talk to right after the performance. Many students were very emotional after the show. While watching the after show video, students shared many deep thoughts provoked by the show. Great Job!!! Thank you and we look forward to having you back again!!!  

Eric and Elliot is an important play for youth to see so thank you so much for bringing it to us.

Many of our students were contemplative and emotional after the show. They were respectfully listening and were NOT on their cell phones. And they asked questions afteward. Thank you!