Magic Door

1/16/2021, 2021 - 1/15/2023
Sun.,Mon.,Tues.,Wed.,Thurs.,Fri. & Sat.

This is a technique for entering a new environment.

Draw the Door

• Each participant can find a piece of imaginary chalk in their pocket, and guide all the students to draw the shape of a door.

Narrate the experience of opening a door into another world

• Be sure to observe sensory elements before you open the door – e.g. how cold the handle is, or that there is frost on the window!

• Use active and vivid descriptions of the place you are entering.

• Then walk through the door and into the world of the pantomime.

Go back through the door (optional)

• When you walk back through the door and into your classroom, erase the magic door and blow all the dust away.

Sample narration after you have drawn the door:

Let’s go into the jungle. Touch the handle of the door, it’s warm. Put your ear up next to the door and listen closely. There are birds squawking, and frogs croaking, I even hear a monkey howling! Oh wow. Let’s go through the door. Reach out and open the door - whoa the air is so warm and wet. There are vines hanging down all around us, and plants covering the floor…”


Try It in Your Classroom

Magic Door is great for:  

  • Transitioning into the setting of a story before you read (e.g. going into a jungle to read a book that takes place there)  
  • Learning more contextual understanding about a particular type of location or weather (e.g. experiencing the cold metal of a doorknob and frost on the glass before we walk out into a crunchy snowbank)  
  • Making an embodied memory of being in a location through movement and imagination even if you haven’t been there in real life!  
  • Creating anticipation (e.g. using magic door to go to a birthday party and experiencing the many feelings that happen before you open the door.)  
  • Going on a mini field trip without leaving the classroom 
  • And anything else you can imagine!