Magic Bag

1/16/2021, 2021 - 1/31/2023
Sun.,Mon.,Tues.,Wed.,Thurs.,Fri. & Sat.

This is a technique for getting into character, especially animals and people with specialized equipment.

Bring out the Bag

• Pantomime pulling a magic bag down from the ceiling with large ropes so that everyone can help.

• Pull open the edges of the bag and peer inside.

• Express to your students that everything you need to become a dinosaur is inside the bag.

Get Items from the Bag

• Ask the students: What do we need to put on to become dinosaurs?

• Elicit verbal or physical responses from the children.

• After each suggestion, together as a class, pull that item out of the bag, put it on, and try it out. When possible, allow for student choice about color, size, placement, etc.

• Think about physical characteristics (fur, tails, ears, feet, noses, etc.) or specialized clothing (boots, hats, jackets, etc.).

• After you have completed the transformation to dinosaur, put the bag back into the ceiling and  invite children to move around as that character.

Sample: “Look in the bag – everything that we need to become a dinosaur is inside! What is the first thing that we should put on to become a dinosaur? “a tail” Someone said a tail. Yes, we need a tail to become a dinosaur. Reach into the bag and pull out your tail. Is your tail big or tiny? Show me. Ok now that you have your tail put it on. Make sure it is attached tightly. Wiggle your dinosaur tails, and be careful not to hit your neighbor…”


Try It in Your Classroom

Magic Bag is great for:

  • Taking on the identity of a character before reading a story or doing drama (e.g. becoming “mice” and experiencing the story as mice)
  • Learning all of the pieces and parts that make up an animal and thinking about how they are used (e.g. “Why do cats have claws?)
  • Learning all of the pieces and parts that make up they physicality of a community worker (e.g. “Why does a construction worker wear thick boots?)
  • Learning about the different kinds of clothing you put on in different weathers
  • And anything else you can imagine!