Behind the Scenes of Charlotte's Web!

Costume Design

“Creating animal, and in this case, insect, costumes is always a bit tricky,”  says Director Anthony Runfola. “We always strive to find the essence of the character and then dress them in a way that evokes the shape of the animal. I think that Adriana Diaz's costumes hit the mark, while also keeping within the 1950's period that we've set the play in.”  Scroll through the pictures to see the beautiful costume designs by Adriana Diaz.


Q&A with Director Anthony Runfola

1.  What inspiration has been used in the set and costume designs?   

 “E.B. White lived on a farm in Brooklin, Maine and we took the farm on his property as the inspiration for the farm in Charlotte's Web. Bill Symington, our set designer, and I looked at photos of White's farm as well as others in the northeast as inspiration for the set. I really wanted the scenery and lighting to reflect the Earth, the seasons, and the passage of time. The New England area seems like such a magical place when you grow up in Arizona and I think we've captured some of that magic in the world we are putting on stage.”


2. What do you, as the director, want kids to be thinking about when they leave this show?

“Charlotte's Web has been simply described as ‘the story of friendship and salvation on a farm.’ I would hope that the audience leaves the theatre reminded that they can have a huge impact on someone's life simply by being kind to them, or by providing comfort to them when they are feeling scared or alone. As we see in the friendship between Charlotte and Wilbur, these simple acts can leave a legacy that will outlive all of us.”