Drama Classes

Best Day Ever

Acting Class

1 Week Class, Half-Day

Age 6-9

Online Class:
9:30 AM - 11:30 PM
$96 (or $91 for Early Bird before 4/10)

AM Class
8:30 AM - 12:30 PM
$140 (or $133 for Early Bird before 4/10)

PM Class:
12:30 PM - 4:30 PM
$140 (or $133 for Early Bird before 4/10)

Full Day Class:
9:00 AM - 4:15 PM
$250 (or $237 for Early Bird before 4/10)

Location: Campus for Imagination and Wonder, 900 S. Mitchell Dr., Tempe 85281

There is no such thing as an ordinary day during summer vacation with Phineas and Ferb! What are you going to do on vacation days? Build a Rocket? Construct a backyard beach? Or defeat a supervillain who's taking over the "tri-state-area"? Your imagination is the limit in a drama class celebrating creative thinking and fantastical storytelling. 

This half-day class introduces students to fundamental acting skills while exploring an engaging theme from literature or pop-culture. Body, voice, and imagination are engaged in a fast-paced curriculum of drama activities. The course accommodates students from a variety of experience and skill levels and the week culminates with an informal sharing of material created by students during the week.