Elephant & Piggie's: We're in a Drama Class

Morning Session

1 Week Class, Half-Day

Age 4-6

6/1/2020 - 6/5/2020
Weekdays 12:00 p.m.

Location: Campus for Imagination and Wonder, 900 S. Mitchell Dr., Tempe 85281

Price: $130 (early bird $124 until March 1st)

This spring Elephant and Piggie are in a play at Childsplay. This summer join their drama class as the popular books spring board collaborative storytelling. 

Drama develops a child's creative thinking, cooperation, and literacy skills. In this class, stories launch exciting adventures. We create literature-based lessons and act along with students as they develop natural dramatic abilities through creative play, narrative pantomime, and story drama. Each week culminates with an informal sharing for caregivers on the last day of the course. This class is a perfect entry point for a student who is ready to play, laugh, learn and explore through drama.


What if my child hasn't read the book (or seen the tv show/film) which inspired the class? 
Theme classes pull inspiration from material popular with young people. However, detailed knowledge of the source material is not required. In theme classes, students do not reenact the story or perform a play. Instead, the book is a framework to launch new stories devised by the class. For example in Hogwarts Summer School, students develop original young wizard characters studying at the famous school and imagine what else may happen in this universe. Children who haven't read the books or seen the films can imagine the possible challenges facing a young person with magical abilities and contribute to the creation of the new material. Everyone enjoys participating, even if they are not a fan of the source material. In fact, sometimes they bring fresh eyes to the topic and infuse original ideas into the group work. 
Please note; spoilers are possible.  Although accessible to students with varying experience with the theme, young people who are fans of the topic will enjoy discussing it. We encourage students not to reveal spoilers, but a young person who's read the sixth "Dog Man" graphic novel may not be able to contain themselves! 

What if my child hasn't read the book (or seen the tv show/film) which inspired the class?