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The Benefits of Taking Classes Online

Assets of Distance Learning

Childsplay Theatre Company, Kendra Ball



In the wake of closures, strict social guidelines, and increased remote engagement, Childsplay is embracing our current virtual reality and creating online drama programming. While these online classes look a little different from our typical in-person offerings, we are excited about the possibilities of distance learning, and our teaching artists are implementing new techniques for engagement in our classes.


From expansion of curiosity to more individualized interaction, here are the seven benefits of taking drama classes online:


 Even if your child does not like distance learning through their school, they may really enjoy an online theatre class at Childsplay! Students need the freedom to move their bodies, activate their voices, and spark their imaginations. Our teaching artists are committed to engaging these three acting tools during our classes and encouraging your student to actively participate from your home. You’ll find no boring lectures here!




It is no secret that smaller class sizes are more conducive to student learning, and online classes are no exception. Childsplay is limiting online class sizes so that students feel seen and heard when we are together. Smaller class sizes also offer more one-on-one interaction with instructors and possibilities for students to influence story creation, share their performances, and offer brilliant ideas.




Our research shows that sometimes less is more. Our classes are set for ideal class lengths based on child development models. This fosters your student’s full engagement during class times. Additionally, each Childsplay class is taught and monitored by two teachers. This creates an extra level of safety and an extra amount of attention. No more getting lost in a sea of screens! With two sets of eyes, students will have more meaningful connections during classes.




Students are often excited by characters they are creating in our in-person classes and want to bring something in from home to wear or hold for class. With virtual drama time, this is now possible! Our experienced educators are designing classes that leverage the possibilities of students’ home spaces. We focus on found objects and object transformation, turning whatever is at your child’s fingertips into costumes and props for our stories. In turn, we are creating a fun, imaginative playscape within your own home that may spark further play and wonder.




When the scheduled class is over, that’s when the individual curiosity kicks in! Encouraging students to engage with material beyond our meeting times models the professionalism and work ethic that actors, directors, designers, and other theatre artists bring to their jobs. When theatre-makers leave rehearsals and meetings, they continue their work of learning lines, creating renderings, and writing when inspiration strikes. Our class models are designed so that your child wants to continue playing, discovering, writing, rehearsing, and performing between class sessions!



We love our in-person classes, but online spaces offer new and different tools for us to play with. We can explore taping auditions, entering and exiting video frames, and even participating in stories that happen in video games or in different parts of the world! Rather than copying and pasting our class programming online, our educators have intentionally planned classes that use our new medium to our advantage and spark further curiosities in your child.



Did you know that actors, singers, and dancers have been providing online coaching sessions for years? Sometimes the job of a performing artist takes them around the world to perform their craft. And when this happens, they continue to mentor their students via online platforms. Childsplay is offering private coaching sessions with seasoned performers and educators at our theater. Students can hone their craft with completely individualized curriculum.



Online classes are a blast! We get to make silly faces in the camera, laugh about a pet that runs across the screen, and transform household objects with our imaginations, all while learning important drama skills and creating meaningful connections with one another. Childsplay has always been committed to instilling in young people an awe, love, and respect for theatre in strikingly original ways, and we believe our online classes are doing just that. We hope to see your child online soon!