Themes for 6-9 classes:


This all-day class will introduce students to basic acting skills while exploring an engaging theme from literature or pop-culture. The course accommodates students from a variety of experience and skill levels and the week culminates with an informal sharing of material created by students during the week.



Times: 9:30-3:30pm

Tuition Starts at $200


Extended Care:

Childsplay offers extended care for students in full-day classes. 

MORNING Extended Care: 7:30am - 9:30am: $30/wk.
AFTERNOON Extended Care:  3:30pm - 6:00pm: $40/wk 
BOTH SESSIONS of Extended Care:  $60 per week



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Little Leaders

5/26/2020 - 5/29/2020

What makes a real-world hero? (Ages 6-9)


Hogwarts Summer School (6-9)

6/1/2020 - 6/5/2020

Enroll in Hogwarts and improve your budding wizardry skills in this adventure using the magic of drama. (Ages 6-9)


Unicorns vs. Dragons

6/8/2020 - 6/12/2020

Dragon or Unicorn? Why not both! (Ages 6-9)


ACME Mystery Crew

6/15/2020 - 6/19/2020

Scooby and friends aren't the only sleuths in the mystery-solving business. (Ages 6-9)


The Amazing Dogman

6/22/2020 - 6/26/2020

Part human. Part Dog. All Hero. Join the crime fighting cop that changed it all. (Ages 6-9)


Critter Companion

7/6/2020 - 7/10/2020

Every adventurer needs a sidekick and the furrier the better! (Ages 6-9)


Build-a-World: Legos

7/13/2020 - 7/17/2020

Give an imagined world tangible form and learn about scenic arts in addition to acting! (Ages 6-9)


Masterful Mad Science Society

7/20/2020 - 7/24/2020

Giving bad a good name. (Ages 6-9)


Triple Threat: Hakuna Matata

7/27/2020 - 7/31/2020

Bring the savannah to life while learning music from this inspiring, coming-of-age tale. (Ages 6-9)