Build-a-World: Minecraft

1 Week Class, Full Day

Age 8-12

6/17/2019 - 6/21/2019

9:30 am - 3:30 pm

Location: Campus for Imagination and Wonder, 900 S. Mitchell Dr., Tempe 85281

Price: $225 ($214 before March 1st)

There's more to life than punching trees and defending your homestead from exploding creepers. And sometimes that fantastical world doesn't just need to be in your imagination (or computer screen). Give an imagined world tangible form during Build-a-World: Minecraft. Mentored by scenic designer teaching artists students use fabric, boxes and other materials to transform the classroom into a fantastical jungle world. Through storytelling, dramatic play, and improvisation participants perform the people and creatures populating their unique worlds. What stories will unfold?

This class emphasizes elements of visual and scenic arts in addition to acting training.

These full-day theatre programs target interests of fourth to seventh-grade students and focus on specific topics that participants explore in depth. Lessons for this age group concentrate on acting and performance skills in addition to exploration of theme and story. The week culminates with an informal sharing of material developed and performed by the students. Classes accommodate a variety of skill levels, and students do not need previous drama experience to succeed in and enjoy this course.


What if my child hasn't read the book (or seen the tv show/film) which inspired the class?