Kids & Teens

Sketch Comedy

Sketch Comedy Workshop

1 Week Class, Full Day

Age 10-17

7/8/2024 - 7/12/2024

9:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Location: Childsplay Campus of Imagination & Wonder 900 S. Mitchell Drive Tempe AZ 85281

Price: Starting at $240 (or $224 for Early Bird Price before March 1st)

In-Class Sharing: Friday, July 12th at 2:45 PM

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The world has been overtaken by sketch comedy! Sketch comedy is creating new and often zany characters that are typically defined by an exaggerated trait: physicality, accent, hobby or obsession. These scenes can be 5 seconds or 5 minutes, but are usually bite sized, hilarious scenarios. So join us and partner up with masters of comedy who will walk you through the process of creating unforgettable and entertaining characters.

These specialized workshops are an opportunity to learn more about specific areas of theatre and performance. Varying skill levels and ages may participate in Theatre Intensives, although some previous experience is recommended. On the last day of class, families will be invited for an informal class sharing. The sharing will be showcase the activities the students learned throughout the week, an opportunity for students to talk about the skills they learned, and often times will include original scenes developed by the students and or singing and choreography (depending on the class topic). Sharings will take place directly in their classroom and due to limited space, we ask that only immediate family attend.

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