Kids & Teens

The Floor is Lava

Themed Drama Class

1 Week Class, Full Day

Age 8-12

7/24/2023 - 7/28/2023

9:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Location: Campus of Imagination & Wonder 900 S. Mitchell Drive Tempe AZ 85281

Price: Starting at $255 (or $237 for Early Bird before March 1st)

Sharing: July 28th at 3:00 PM

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Life is about obstacles! The homework that needs to be completed, the chores that need to be done before you go out, or the giant lava pool that is slowly destroying your living room. Come create obstacles of which the likes the world has never seen and show us how to expertly overcome them in this drama class. We will create stories, setting and characters for great adventures!

This class introduces students to fundamental acting skills while exploring an engaging theme from literature or pop-culture. Body, voice, and imagination are engaged in a fast-paced curriculum of drama activities including improvisation, story drama, and character creation. The course accommodates students from a variety of experience and skill levels and the week culminates with an informal sharing of material created by students during the week.


What if my child has not read the book(s) (or seen the shows/films) which inspired the class?

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