Kids & Teens

Themes for 6-9 classes:

These classes introduce students to basic acting skills while exploring an engaging theme from literature or pop-culture. Books, films, or tv shows establish the framework for students to develop their own ideas. Participants do not need to be familiar with the source material to enjoy a course. Each class accommodates students from a variety of experience and skill levels and the week culminates with an informal sharing of material devised by students during the week.


Tuition Starts at $238 (Earlybird discount ends March 1st at 11:59 PM)

Times: 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM


Extended Care:

Morning Exended Care: 8:00-9:20 AM ($25 a week)

Afternoon Extended Care: 3:40-6:00 PM ($35 a week)

Morning & Afternoon Care: ($50 a week)



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Wish Upon a Star

5/28/2024 - 5/31/2024

In this class, wishes really do come true! (Ages 6-9)


Hogwarts Summer School OWLs

6/3/2024 - 6/7/2024

Enroll in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. (Ages 6-9)


Enter the Mushroom Kingdom

6/10/2024 - 6/14/2024

This ain't no game, it's a live-action thrill ride! (Ages 6-9)


Costume Creators

6/17/2024 - 6/21/2024

Dress for success, and make sure you tie every tie, sew every button, and lace every shoe before lights up! (Ages 6-9)


Spy Kids

6/24/2024 - 6/28/2024

Small time spies. Big time adventure. Where will there next mission be? (Ages 6-9)


Unicorns & Dragons

7/8/2024 - 7/12/2024

Unicorns or Dragons? Why not both! (Ages 6-9)


The Wonderful World of Musical Theatre

7/15/2024 - 7/19/2024

Sing in dance in this this magical summer class (Ages 6-9)


Build-a-World: LEGO

7/22/2024 - 7/26/2024

Give an imagined world tangible form and learn about scenic arts and acting! (Ages 6-9)