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What is the Aim of Childsplay Academy?

What will my Child do in Class?

What is your Snack Policy?

What is the Student to Teacher Ratio?

Who will my Child's Teacher Be?

What if my Child Needs to Miss all or Part of a Class?

What is the Drop-off Procedure?

What is the Pick-up Procedure?

What about Campus Supervision?

Why don't you Offer Refunds? Why dont you Offer Multi-class or Sibling Discounts?

What is your Policy in Regards to Medication?

Will there be a Performance at the End of the Session?

Will my Child Wear a Costume?

My Child is very Shy, Will this Class be Appropriate for Him/Her?

My Child has Never Acted Before, Can They Participate?

My Child has Special Needs. Can S/He enroll in a Class?



What is the aim of Childsplay Academy?

Childsplay Academy provides quality theatre education classes for students ages 3-18 at our facility, the Sybil B. Harrington Campus for Imagination and Wonder at Mitchell Park. Acting, Musical Theatre, and Imagination Theatre classes cultivate a student’s performing arts abilities and focus on the personal development of the child including social, emotional and intellectual skills.  The Conservatory Program offers pre-professional training for students interested in pursuing theatre as a profession.  Both programs meet a variety of Theatre Arts Standards and, tangentially, a wide variety of Arizona Education Standards.


What will my child do in class?

All our classes emphasize building fundamental acting skills. Teachers employ age-appropriate activities that connect to the focus area, theme and learning objectives of the class. Please contact us if you’d like to see a sample lesson plan from a previous class for your child’s age group.

Sometimes we are asked, “Why does my child come home saying they played games all day?” Teachers utilize carefully designed exercises that help build concentration, confidence and cooperation, the building blocks of theatre education. Sometimes this includes drama games, which are also a component of collegiate and professional acting training. Theatre games are highly memorable and fun components of a drama classes and are just one element of our comprehensive curriculum.  


What is your snack policy for half-day classes?

Please send your child with water each day for their mid-class break. Students may also bring a snack if they would like for this break.

What is the student to teacher ratio?

We pride ourselves on having the best student-teacher ratio of any theatre program in the valley! Classes usually have 2 teaching artists. Our MINIMUM ratios are 1:6 (4-6 year-old classes); 1:7 (6-12 year old classes); and 1:10 (for Conservatory). In addition to staff members, some classes also have teen volunteers.


Who will my child’s teacher be?

All of our teachers are professional actors and/or teaching artists with Childsplay. Bios of your child’s teachers (including their education, theatre and teaching experience) are sent out with your class confirmation two weeks prior to the start of class.  Many teaching artists have been with Childsplay for more than three years, and some for more than 20 years! Everyone employed by Childsplay has undergone a background check and has a current Arizona Fingerprint Clearance Card.


What if my child needs to miss all or part of a class?

Attendance and punctuality are important in a theatre class! Students work as an ensemble to create a piece of theatre together, it is essential that everyone be present at all lessons. Please be sure to check schedules before registering for class.

If you do become aware that your child will be absent from a session please alert Academy Manager, Katie Brantley at or call (480) 921-5751. Knowing in advance helps teachers adjust lessons accordingly.


What is the drop-off procedure?

On the first day of class, all students need to be signed in by a parent or guardian. After that, parents can make the decision whether they prefer to park and walk their students to the classroom door, or pull up in front and drop students off. Parents of students in Imagination Theatre will need to sign students in and out of each lesson. Teachers will be in the classrooms 10 minutes prior to the start of class, so please do not drop off students prior to 9:20am for the morning classes or 12:50pm for the afternoon classes.


What is the pick-up procedure?

Teachers will walk students out to the front of the building at the end of class and wait with students until they are picked up. If you have concerns about pick-up, please speak to your student’s teacher directly. It is essential that parents pick their students up on time at the end of class.


What about campus supervision?

The low student/teacher ratio helps us monitor student activity on our campus. The Academy Manager or other Childsplay Administrator is on campus during all academy sessions as well.

During breaks, older students use the “buddy system” to visit the restroom and drinking fountain. Students in Imagination Theatre will go to the restroom as a class under the supervision of their teachers (there is a single restroom attached to the classroom for emergencies).


Why don’t you offer refunds? Why don’t you offer multi-class or sibling discounts?

We believe we provide the highest quality programming, most experienced teachers and best student/teacher ratio of any theatre program in the Valley. We keep the cost of our classes as low as we can to consistently deliver the same quality programming. Offering discounts or refunds would necessitate increasing the cost for all classes.


What is your policy in regards to medication?

Childsplay staff members are unable to administer any type of medication to program participants, including epi-pens. If a student requires medication, a parent or guardian is welcome to come to campus to administer the medication themselves. We have a comfortable waiting room. Family members are welcome to remain on campus in case the need for medication, including epi-pens arises.  

Will there be a performance at the end of the session?

All classes have a Sharing on the last day of class.  The Sharing is devised and developed by the students and teachers in the class. Students present Sharings to showcase what they have learned during the class.


Will my child wear a costume?

Childsplay classes focus on building acting skills using the actor’s instruments: body, voice and imagination. The emphasis of each class is on skill-building and the process of developing a piece for the Sharing and not on rehearsing a “play.”  (Students in Conservatory classes may create a production that includes costumes and props.) 


My child is very shy.  Will this class be appropriate for him/her?

Yes! Our teachers accommodate students’ different needs and have a great rapport with students. Oftentimes participation in a theatre class helps students come out of their shell. 


My child has never acted before, can they participate?

Absolutely! Because our classes focus on building skills, Childsplay classes are appropriate for beginners and more experienced students.


My child has special needs. Can s/he enroll in a class?

Many special-needs students successfully participate in our programs.  To ensure a positive experience, we need an open line of communication serve the unique qualities of your child, helping to eliminate unnecessary frustration for students or staff. Please inform us of any special needs your child may have, and strategies that we can use to help your student. If your child has special needs, please feel free to call Academy Manager, Katie Brantley in the education office to discuss how we can work together to create a constructive learning environment for your child.


If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Katie Brantley at or (480) 921-5751.