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Student Internship Program

Now accepting Applications for Spring Break 2021

Childsplay’s Internship Program gives teens ages 14-18 leadership opportunities in the theatre and classroom setting in assistance to our  programs. We utilize interns in a meaningful way for both the intern and Childsplay Academy.

Interns assist professional teaching artists by encouraging students to participate or helping guide them in activities, scenes, or choreography. An intern may be a Hogwarts Potions Professor, assistant director, arts and crafts specialist or even a Secret Agent. Interns also support the Academy Admin team preparing scripts, gathering supplies, and organizing materials for class. Student-Interns will also recieve mentornship and training throughout the week with regular oppurtunities to take part in leadership.


Internship Description



Here is what some of our previous interns have said about the program:

“This was such a fun week to be a part of. Seeing the kids happy and excited to arrive each day was amazing.” -14 year old

“I loved meeting all these kids but the fact that they treated me like an authority figure made it that much more fun.” -16 year old

“It’s super easy and fun. It gives you good experience!” -15 year old

“I would definitely recommend interning at Childsplay! It’s an amazing experience in a very welcoming and encouraging environment and I learned a lot this week.” -17 year old


As a volunteer, we allow students to work the hours and weeks that fits their schedule. However, we take priority over students who can have a longer committments. The standard commitment is one full week at a time for at least 20 hours for the week.

Volunteer hours run the same time as class, Monday through Friday.


  • Arrival time is usually between 8 AM - 9:15 AM depending on your class assignment. 
  • Dismissal is usually between 3 PM - 5 PM depending on your class
  • There is also. an option to volunteer with extended care which starts at 7 AM for the morning and ends at 6 PM in the evening

There are a few half day schedules availiable too.


Spring Break Dates: TBD

Summer Breaks: TBD










FOR SUMMER: APRIL 29th, 2021 

We will start accepting Summer Application in February of 2021


If you have any questions, please contact Academy Associate, Brianna Fallon

Phone: (480) 921-5722 or e-mail: bfallon@childsplayaz.org.