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Academy Health and Safety Plan


The health and safety of our patrons and staff are our top priority. Childsplay is excited to offer in-person classes, but we must work together to keep our students and staff safe.


We assembled the Academy Health & Safety Plan based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), recommendations from local government, and industry best practices. The Academy Health & Safety Plan is available for your review before booking or attending a class.


We look forward to a wonderful class experience, AND we must partner together to create and have fun together safely.  To do so responsibly, all staff, students, and families must follow all health and safety guidelines.


We are here to help you prepare for your class! We invite you to connect with us with questions or requests for additional information.










Before Your Arrive

  • Consult Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) resources to determine if your child or anyone they have come in contact with shows symptoms of an acute respiratory illness consistent with COVID-19. These symptoms include fever (100.4 or higher), coughing, and shortness of breath. If these symptoms are present, DO NOT report to class, refer to CDC guidelines for COVID-19 testing, and contact Childsplay for assistance for the next steps for your class experience.
  • Set your child up for a safe class experience by preparing their face covering and reviewing with your young person guidelines, including social distancing, cough and sneeze etiquette, and proper handwashing techniques.
  • Confirm your class drop-off time slot and location (Welcome Point). This information is in your class information e-mail.



  • At your scheduled drop-off time, report to the assigned drop-off location (Welcome Point).
  • Ensure everyone in your group wears facemasks and wait in the designated socially distanced welcome point for your child’s class.
  • A designated staff member (wearing facemask and gloves) greets you to facilitate the check-in process outlined below.
    • Health Assessment Questionnaire: A staff member facilitates a health assessment for the student. Parents are walked through the Health Assessment Questionnaire for the student. Students with fever, coughing, or shortness of breath or other symptoms will not be admitted.
    • Temperature Check: Staff member conducts a temperature check on students using a contactless infrared thermometer. Students with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or greater will not be admitted.
  • Once students have successfully been granted entry, parents should clear the area to expedite other check-ins.

Class Days

  • To comply with public health official recommendations, classes are reduced to 50% capacity with no more than 10 students in classes. A maximum of 2 courses are hosted in the same section of campus concurrently. Each class has its own contained class space and pick-up/drop-off locations.
  • Water fountains will not be available for use. Students should bring their bottles of water.
  • Face masks must be worn at all times by staff and students.
  • To minimize cross-contact, each class is assigned a classroom, not used for other programs, and a designated restroom during class time.
  • Students are socially distanced (six feet apart) in the class space. Class activities are modified to comply with social distance guidelines.
  • Students are not permitted to touch items belonging to other students.
  • To increase ventilation and air circulation, classroom windows are opened during class periods.
  • Classes may participate in some supervised activities outside when weather condition permits.
  • Although students will have regular breaks for restroom, hydration, and rest, we will not have snack breaks. If your student needs to eat something during a class period accommodations will be made. 



  • Student pick-up is conducted at the same location as your drop-off (Welcome Point). Parents and authorized pick-ups should be socially distant at the welcome point or remain in the vehicle until dismissal.
  • Older students authorized for self-check-out may sign-out directly with the instructor and proceed to their vehicles. (Students must be ten or older, and caregivers must approve self-check-out from the parent dashboard. Contact Childsplay Academy if you need assistance.)
  • For caregivers and authorized pick-ups waiting at the designated Welcome Point, a staff member will facilitate the electronic sign-out and dismiss the student into their care.
  • Once your student’s pick-up is complete, please clear the area to expedite other pick-ups.


Additional Safety Measures

  • We ask caregivers and students to take extra care to ensure that students have all materials needed for the day at the time of drop-off.
  • If you need to pick-up students early, please alert staff at drop-off so the staff can be prepared.
  • Childsplay uses CDC and EPA recommended disinfectant and cleaning products to clean high touch surfaces frequently throughout the day. Additionally, our contracted custodial service partner provides thorough disinfecting services.
  • Water fountains are not available for use. Students should bring water bottles. Childsplay Academy will supply water for students who need it during class time.
  • Childsplay staff continues to work remotely to reduce further the number of people interacting with the campus.
  • Should a student feel ill during the day, they are provided a space away from fellow students to wait until they are picked up.


Childsplay will inform you of any changes to the Academy Health & Safety Plan by e-mail and updates to our website.