About Us

Steve Martin

Managing Director

How would you define yourself?

Impulsively obsessive – I have a tendency to dive into new adventures, book series, TV shows, and projects with a near maniacal obsession until I’ve exhausted the subject or there is nothing new to learn.


Which artist has inspired you the most?

Not necessarily a painter as much as a painting. When I was 7 years old and in the 2nd grade, my school class took a field trip to the Toledo Museum of Art. Our tour of the museum was entirely about painters who create different, interesting visual perspectives. The Hunter by Andrew Wyeth was a painting from the perspective of a bird in a tree looking down on the hunter and his dog as they passed by. It was an image that has lived with me my whole life and a painting that I revisit whenever I return to my hometown.


Contact: 480-921-5709 smartin@childsplayaz.org

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