About Us

Haley Honeman

Teaching Artist

What are your passions?

 I am passionate about creating spaces of peace and justice.

I am passonate about everyone's right to healthy food and to know where it comes from.
I am passionate about the value of play.
I am passionate about community organization and dialogue.
I am passionate about empowering others to share their stories and that everyone has something valuable to say.
I am passionate about the value of alternative healing.
I am passionate about bicycles, the perfect machine.
I am passionate about caring for our environment and the interconnected web of beings that live on it.
I am passionate about using theatre as my power tool to express, investigate, and transform the world.


If you were a super hero / comic character, who would you be?

If I were a super hero I would call myself Jaguar Girl. I would have the face of a Jaguar with monarch butterfly wings. My special power would be that I can time travel.


What do you consider to be your oddest hobby/interest?

 In University my friends introduced me to slack-lining, which is essentially tightrope walking with a stretchy length of climbing rope. I also have studied the Yucatecan Mayan language and I like learning about the Penninsula of Yuctan.

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