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Caroline Wagner

Teaching Artist

What has been a turning point in your life?

I attended a performing arts boarding school in Boston to pursue a career as a ballerina. Injury after injury occurred. If a dancer is injured, they are treated as if they are “damaged goods”. I did not enjoy being shunned for something that was out of my control. Dancing soon went from an activity that I loved, to one I hated. I tried to switch to the theatre department, but I was not even allowed to audition. As soon as I graduated, I was hungrier than ever to try my hand at acting. My craving for acting stemmed from the influence of my grandmother Suzanne, who had dreams of being an actress too. She died while I was attending boarding school. She was both an inspiration to me as well as someone who I am compared to often, since we look a lot alike and have such similar interests. With her in my heart, I stepped into my very first acting class at Scottsdale Community College. At first, I was really nervous. However, as soon as we started working on our scenes, I was hooked. I knew that this was something I could do for the rest of my life and I would never have to worry about career-ending injuries or being too old to do it anymore. I still dance when I am doing musicals, but I always feel accepted by my theatre peers and mentors. They are family to me. Childsplay is family to me.  


What is your silliest irrational fear?

Ticking clocks. When I am in a quiet room and all I can hear is the sound of time passing, it makes me anxious. I feel like I should be working on something because I get the sense that time is running out. It also makes me aware of my own heartbeat, which is already racing because I’m anxious, so then I think something’s wrong with me, and I grow even more anxious. It’s a vicious cycle!

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