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Michael Thompson


What was a life-altering experience?

My life-altering experience was back in 2005 when I saw Hairspray on Broadway. It was during the finale number "You Can't Stop The Beat" and I was uncontrollably crying just taking in the moment. I remember I turned to my friend, Emily, and said I want to do this forever. I want to act and since that day, I have been working and studying to make my dream a reality.


What would you do if money was no object?

I would start my own non-profit arts center. It would include classes for anyone looking to do anything in the arts from music to acting to stage management to administration to education to design and hold events and showcases for possible casting agencies or representatives to scout my children. There are so many children with talent, but they do not have a chance to explore it because their parents, grandparents and guardians simply cannot afford them. I want them to be able to express themselves creatively and not have to worry about if they can afford to come back next week or even the next day.


Where would you most like to start a food fight?

 I would start a food fight at the DMV. I mean since we have to wait forever; why not have a little fun? 

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