About Us

David Jones


What has been a turning point in your life?

 A turning point in my life was when I discovered Yoga or when Yoga discovered me.  The first time I took a class, I felt like I had come home.  By the time of the second class, I knew I wanted to teach it.  So, now I am a Certified Yoga Teacher!  Namaste.


What is the practical joke you wish you could do?

 When I discovered the love of musical theatre in college, I always had the fantasy of pulling a practical joke in the mall.  I wanted to get a bunch of my friends together that were all actor, singer, dancers and go near the music store that sold the pianos.  We would start talking really loud, one of the people would run to the piano and start playing, then we would start singing, as the song would progress, shoppers (really my actor friends) would join in and we would dance around the areas (like in Fame).  We would strike an ending pose... take a pause and then everyone would go back to their shopping or conversations like it never happened.  I never acted on this and now we call these Flash Mobs... who knew.


What is my silliest irrational fear?

 SPIDERS.... any size or shape.... Have you looked at them...their gross spindly legs... the icky sticky webs the weave.  They disgusting and creepy way they move....ugh... I'm breaking out in a cold sweat thinking about it.  I am paralyzed when one is too close.  Sigh.

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