About Us

David Dickinson


Which terrible joke do you tell the most?

Knock, knock.


Who’s there?




Dwayne who?


Dwayne the bathtub, I’m dwownding!!



Favorite meal: breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks?

BREAKFAST! I’m always eating… just ask any of the other actors I’ve worked with. I’m usually hungry. But when I first get up in the morning I’m REALLY hungry. So I usually have a scrumptious breakfast and it tastes so much better because I’m the hungriest I’ll be all day. My favorite breakfast? There are so many!! Here’s one: homemade buttermilk biscuits with eggs over-easy, fresh apricot preserves, and with some grapefruit and coffee on the side. Mmmmmm!


Contact: ddickinson@childsplayaz.org