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I Have A Story: Young Storytellers Project

Your story is unique. Your story has value. Your voice deserves to be heard and remembered.

This has been an unusual year in many, many ways — we have changed how we live, learn and play; we have lost people and time and connection; we have discovered new things about ourselves, our families, and our world. Childsplay and Write Now want to hear from young people about the moments and memories that you will take away from this experience – your story might be chosen to be published or performed!

Think about a specific story you want to tell, and then click on one of the links below to submit your story — it can be a written story, a poem, a video, an audio recording, even a piece of art. These links also contain questions and prompts to help you think. We will collect your stories and share them through video scrapbooks, on our website, and more.


Find a topic that sounds like your story, then CLICK THE CIRCLE to find helpful questions to tell your tale. *Note: this will take you to the Write Now website*

You can even send us your story right from the webpage!





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