Eric & Elliot - School Tour

By Dwayne Hartford

Grades 5 - 12

School Tour: Jan 21 - Mar 1, 2020

Weekdays, Various Times. Call for details.

Location: Your School!

Price: FREE - Sponsored by The BHHS Legacy Foundation

Eric and Elliot is the story of a family’s search for healing following a devastating tragedy. Eric and Elliot are brothers. Eric is around 10 years old. Elliot is in his early teens. The two set out on a journey seeking help for their mother who has spiraled into a debilitating depression. Along the way the boys get lost. They encounter others who encourage the boys to try different paths in order to find their way. Eventually the brothers discover that it is only by facing their own pasts and the tragic events of a particular day the previous summer that they will find help for their mother – and for themselves.











Childsplay and Valle del Sol are proud to provide Eric and Elliot to schools throughout Maricopa county for free. This service to our community is made possible through the generous support of the B.H.H.S Legacy Foundation and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona.


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