Kids & Teens

Class Action: Then & Now

Written by Brad Slaight (with additional scenes devised by the cast)

6/7/2018 - 6/9/2018
Thurs.,Fri. & Sat.

Class Action: Then and Now is comprised of vignettes which allow us experience complex, and heart warming stories through the eyes of teenagers, as they travel through one of the most challenging times of their lives. Everyone goes through highschool and experiences similar sensations and learn some of the same lessons, but as times change, so do the lives of teenagers. Class Action, written by Brad Slaight in 1996, discusses the lives of teenagers while going through the hardest time of their lives; high school. We have asked the cast and crew of this production to devise some of their own pieces that portray their lives as teenagers today.


Directed by: Jodie Weiss



Laila Skye

Angelica Saario

Katie Sanders

Riley Van Cleve

Chase Zeiner

 Zak Habul

Tate Chernen

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