Literacy Experience

Childsplay's literacy programming offers challenging and innovative experiences that meet the different needs and learning styles of students. Visual, aural and kinesthetic learning are used as students develop a deeper understanding of literacy concepts including: story structure, themes, setting, character development, sentence structure and vocabulary. Through drama students are given new strategies for learning that improve reading and writing skills. Childsplay's literacy instruction pairs literacy standards with drama strategies that best teach the skills required to master that standard. Programming can be tailored to follow books and vocabulary from the classroom, as well as a variety of individual curriculums.


Drama based literacy programs focus on developing the following skills:

  • comprehension (literal, inferential, and evaluative)
  • communication (evaluative listening, speaking)
  • receptive writing
  • vocabulary
  • interest in reading
  • language ability
  • understanding of events and sequences of a story
  • symbolic representation
  • self-evaluation
  • analysis
  • retention