Afterschool Experiences

Childsplay Afterschool Programs are designed to take students on an engaging journey to explore new worlds, science, literacy or bolster social and emotional development through curriculum designed uniquely for your students and community. Childsplay partners with schools to create these meaningful programs which provide kids a fun and creative after school alternative. Click on the links below to learn more about the exciting opportunities available to our afterschool program partners!



Literacy Experience

Visual, aural and kinesthetic learning are used as students develop a deeper understanding of literacy concepts including: story structure, themes, setting, character development, sentence structure and vocabulary.


Social & Emotional Development

Childsplay Teaching Artists reinforce social and emotional skills through collaborative creative play and storytelling.


Science, Math & Core Academic Curriculum

By teaching curriculum through participatory, inquiry-based drama instruction, students are given creative opportunities to deepen their understanding of core academics.


Invisible Improv

This invisible theatre style class will send students on missions to perform improv pieces devised to infuse fun and whimsy into the school day.


Customizable Experiences

All Childsplay afterschool programs are tailored to the needs and desires of students and communities. Together, we can build a curriculum uniquely designed for your students!