Youth Ensemble Theatre Incorporated, Inc.

Mission: As an ensemble, our mission is to collaborate to create honest and professional level performances from new and diverse perspectives of youth in a safe, respectful environment.

Y.E.T.i is a theatre production ensemble created to give youth the opportunity to take part in the full frontier of theatre. Founded in January of 2015, Y.E.T.i members manage everything from production and marketing, to fundraising and outreach. With the assistance of the resident Childsplay staff, these teens organize and execute all of the tasks of a professional theatre. 




YETi needs crew members!

Please Include:


A Paragraph of Experience. We want to know what you have done and what you want to do!

Lastly, also include Your Contact Information and Your Guardian or Parent's Contact Information.

We want to know both your Emails and Phone numbers!


We Need...


Light Board Operator: (1)

Sound Board Operator: (1)

Projector Operator (1)

Run Crew: (4)

Wardrobe Assistant: (2)




Sign up by emailing us at: youthensembletheatreinc@gmail.com


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