Flex Ticket FAQs

Where are my flex tickets?

          Your ‘virtual’ tickets are in your account at the Tempe Center for the Arts (TCA) box office. Please allow at least 2 business days to be operational after purchasing your package. Your user name is your email address (the one you provided to Childsplay) and your password will be play4kids (If you had an account at TCA in a previous season, your password will remain the same). Your password can be changed when you log in. CLICK HERE TO LOG IN TO YOUR TCA ACCOUNT.


How do I redeem my flex tickets?

You can redeem your flex tickets in person, over the phone or online.

  • In person – Visit the box office at the Tempe Center for the Arts, 700 W. Rio Salado Parkway, Tempe.
  • By phone – Call the TCA box office 480-350-2822 (ext. 2) and identify yourself as a Childsplay Flex Ticket holder. Tell the representative which performance (date and time) you’d like to attend and how many tickets you’d like to use. Your tickets will be held at “will call” for you to pick up or they can be mailed to you, and the number of flex tickets used will be deducted from your account at that time.
  • Online CLICK HERE to log in to your account with your user name and password. Choose your performance and your seats. Open the drop-down menu next to the ticket price, and select “FLEX TICKET REDEMPTION”. Repeat this for each ticket in your cart. After this, the amount due will change to $0. The number of flex tickets redeemed will be deducted from your account total.

Flex Ticket families can reserve their tickets two weeks prior to the general public. Click here to see the ticket reservation schedule for this season. You will receive a reminder email of on-sale dates twice throughout the season. 


They are asking for my credit card information – will I be charged?

If you are being asked for a credit card, double check that your balance is zero. If not, and are having difficulty trouble shooting, please contact the TCA at 480-350-2822 (ext. 2). 


How to I redeem my free backstage tour?

          Backstage Tours reservations are made on the Childsplay website. From the 2017-18 Season Page, click on “Learn More” for the show you want to tour, then scroll down to the “Buy Backstage Tour” button. This will take you to the shopping cart home page. Click on "Backstage Tour" at the top of the shopping cart list and scroll through the calendar to find the date you wish to register for. When registering for the desired backstage tour, you will need to sign into your Childsplay account, and simply add the promotional code given to you in your benefits packet to your shopping cart. The price should reduce to $0. This code is good for up to 6 people.  If you need additional reservations, please call our office at 480-921-5700 during office hours. If you do not have your packet or do not remember the code, please contact


How to I redeem my $10 off discount to an Academy class?

          When registering for the desired class, simply add the promotional code given to you in your benefits packet. Please note that you can only redeem this discount one time during the season. If you do not have your packet or do not remember the code, please contact


Can I change my reservation?

          While there is no fee to make a reservation with flex tickets, changing reservations will incur a $5 fee per ticket. If reservations are cancelled prior to the performance, flex tickets can be re-stocked in your account—this will also incur a $5 per ticket fee. If you have elected to print tickets or have them mailed, the TCA box office will require additional documentation to process any cancellation or rescheduling requests.


I’ve forgotten how many flex tickets I have left. What do I do?

You can either call the box office or log in to your account with your user name and password and click on “your account” on the right side of the screen. You will see a link that says “see details/redemption history.” When clicked, that link will open a window showing you how many flex tickets you have redeemed, how many remain.


I purchased flex tickets as a gift for someone else. What do I do?

          If you gave Childsplay the recipient’s information when you placed the order, that person will have his/her own account. If the account was established in your name you can contact the TCA box office (480-350-2822 x2) to make the change. 


I wanted to give some of my flex tickets as a gift. How do I give flex tickets to someone else?

          If you know the date and time of the performance that the recipient would like to attend, you can make the reservation for him/her. If redeeming your flex tickets online, simply select the Print @ Home option and give the tickets to the recipient. If ordering through the TCA box office phone line, you can request the tickets to be mailed to a different name and address or for the tickets to be placed at “will call” under an alternate name. You can also have some of your flex tickets converted to paper vouchers to give as a gift.  The recipient can then choose their own performance date and time.  These must be redeemed by calling the TCA box office.


I made reservations for a show and couldn’t attend. Have I lost my flex tickets?

          Once your show has passed you can no longer exchange tickets. If you have a severe emergency situation and are unable to contact the box office prior to the show, please contact Childsplay at 480-921-5700 or to discuss the situation.  


Do I need a ticket for my baby/toddler?

          Everyone who enters the theater needs a ticket – even babies and toddlers. Most of our shows are recommended for children 3 and over. 


When do my flex tickets expire?

          At the end of the season in which you purchased the package for.


When can I make reservations?

          Flex Ticket Holders may make reservations two weeks before the show goes on sale for the general public. Click here for the ticket schedule. 


Will I get reminders about on-sale dates and other information related to Flex Tickets?

You will get emails from Childsplay periodically throughout the season, but reminders about on-sale dates and other special information for flex ticket families will say "For Flex Ticket Families Only" in the subject line.  


Can I use flex tickets for special events that include admission to a show?

          Childsplay will work with flex ticket holders so they can use them for special events associated with performances. In that event, flex tickets are valued at $18 off of the admission price and flex ticket holders would be allowed to purchase admission for the difference, plus a $2 discount! Call the Special Events Coordinator (480-921-5761) or simply select the Flex Ticket price when purchasing online.