Drama Classes

Choose Your Role

Acting Class

1 Week Class, Half-Day

Age 10-15

June 28 - July 2

Time: 8:45 AM - 12:45 PM

Location: Campus of Imagination & Wonder 900 S. Mitchell Drive Tempe AZ 85281

Price: $175 (or $166 for Early Bird pricing before March 31st)

People enjoy the fun and camaraderie of role-playing games for fun. This class brings the game off the table as actors explore strategies for character development. The RPG format is a tool to develop nuance characters while the collaborative storytelling and long-from improvisations deepen analysis techniques. These skills translate into a richer approach for a performer whether its a roll of a 20 sided dice or the next role onstage.

These specialized workshops are an opportunity to learn more about specific areas of performance. Although this class is available to different skill levels and ages, some previous theatre experience is advised for Theatre Intensives.