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Young Playwrights for Change 2020-21

Submission Deadline February 18th

Limited to students in the 6th - 8th grades


Hosted by The American Association of Theatre Education (AATE), Young Playwrights for Change is a national playwriting competition for students in 6th- 8th grades. Students write and submit a ten-minute play on the theme "No One is Alone". Each hosting organization will select and submit one script for this national competition. 


Childsplay Academy is proud to be one of the hosting organizations, and we look forward to submitting a play that represents our community and the voices of young people. We are intentionally selecting students as adjudicators, and this group of peers will select Childsplay's entry for the competition. 


Any students in 6th- 8th grade may submit a script.



  • February 18th - Plays submitted to Childsplay for Adjudication
  • February 24th - Childsplay adjudication results announced
  • March 1st - Childsplay's selection submitted to AATE- Each entry submitted by host organizations will receive feedback from AATE and an opportunity for revision before final adjudication.
  • May 5th - AATE announces the winning play


2021 Theme: No One is Alone


We are all interconnected, and our actions affect each other, even in isolation. What one person does may affect others in unexpected or unintended ways. Yet, in our loneliest hour, we still depend on each other for food, water, shelter, and more. To paraphrase the poem by John Donne, No one is an island. Have you ever felt alone in a crowd? Or accepted by strangers? What can make us reach across a barrier, group, or isolating situation to connect with someone? In what ways can creativity create bridges between the isolated or lonely?


Guidelines at a Glance:

  1. Playwrights must be currently in the 6th, 7th, or 8th grades. 
  2. Playwrights must have permission from parent or guardian to enter.
  3. Plays must be original work and not an adaptation of a previous work
  4. Plays must incorporate the theme No One is Alone. 
  5. Plays may be no longer than ten-minutes when read aloud. 
  6. Plays may have up to but no more than six characters. 


Full Contest Guidelines from AATE


AATE Style Guide


Creative Tips


To Submit a Play:


E-mail a digital copy of the script, which adheres to AATE guidelines and style guide, to Academy Director Katie Brantley at kbrantley@childsplayaz.org. Please make sure that the student's name or other identifying information are not on the script itself. Please put Young Playwrights for Change in the subject line. 


Entry Deadline: THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 18th


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